Workforce Ready Koncepts - Enabling Unemployed and Under-Employed Individuals

By using a comprehensive solution and workforce preparation activities, we empower the economically disadvantaged to become self-sufficient.

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WIOA Out of School Youth

WIOA Out of School Youth

Offering under-served youths the opportunity to access pre-vocational training with an increased focus on meaningful career readiness.   WRK Youth Printable Flyer

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Participants engaged with TANF programs can be enrolled in WRK Mobile Learning Platform to aid in meeting weekly participation requirements, workplace skills training, and/or employment. The WRK Mobile Learning Platform can be customized by each funding stream requirement and down to the individuals' employment plan.  WRK for Workforce Printable Flyer

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WRK for Employers

WRK for Employers

WRK for Employers is an employment driven customizable training curriculum addressing a variety of skills sets that many employers need their employees to possess in today's marketplace.  Click here for the WRK for Employers Curricula Catalog

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Key Features

  • Training

    WRK has a content and training library of over 5,000 courses focusing on Essential Workplace Skills, Workplace Safety, Information Technology, and Business Software as well as Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurial skills training, ABE and basic Literacy training.
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  • On-demand learning

    Workforce Ready Koncepts uses and online registration tool that securely allows for learners to be enrolled in online training. Our tool can be used as a self enrollment option or use a two step verification process to get learners in fast.

  • DIR Contract

    Purchasing Workforce Ready Koncepts Technology Based Training, which includes annual subscriptions, single courses, and customized training services, through our DIR contract meets procurement requirements.  Click here to view our contract DIR-TSO-4009

  • Soft Skills

    Hard skills can be trained but the essential soft skills are difficult to train and even harder to measure. WRK for Employees gives employers the opportunity to identify and addresss the essential soft skills necessary for their company's success. Customized online training with course content and competency tests will address workplace skills necessary for their employees to be successful.

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